Our Supporters

Leeds City Council, Leeds Community Foundation and The RSA provided funding, huge support and cheerleading for our project.

BBC Look North and the YEP gave us lots of coverage which brought school uniform sharing to the attention of so many people across Leeds and beyond.  That really helped to develop the market both for donations and takers of uniform.

Community groups across Leeds created pop-up shops over the summer, taking in and distributing thousands of items of uniform.  Mostly volunteer-led, these groups washed, ironed and beautifully presented their items of uniform making it so easy for people to take what they needed.

Parents across Leeds started uniform exchanges in their local communities - using Facebook as an easy way to get people sharing amongst themselves.  We must give a particular shout out to Alice from LS26 School Uniform Scheme - you moved mountains!

Schools have embraced the idea in these most challenging of times and new ways of sharing are springing up across Leeds, especially in West Leeds with a project driven by Hannah Bithell, a local councillor and teacher.

Thanks to everyone who has donated or chosen second hand school uniform and to everyone involved in making that easy and possible!

Find out more about setting up your own Leeds School Uniform Exchange scheme.