Leeds School Uniform Exchange

We’re building a movement to help Leeds become a Zero Waste City by 2030. As part of that we’ve launched a new project to support the development of a network of uniform reuse schemes across Leeds.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Leeds City Council and Leeds Community Foundation‘s Jimbo’s Fund for their support for this project.

To kick things off, we have started to pull together a map of school uniform re-use schemes in Leeds, but we need your help!

If there is not currently a uniform reuse scheme in place at your school, we are currently developing an ‘Inspiration Guide’ for how you could get started with one either as a parent or teacher. Keep an eye out on our Leeds School Uniform Reuse Exchange group on Facebook for updates.

For good quality unbranded school uniform like plain shirts, trousers, skirts etc., most charities will also accept these. See our Zero Waste Fashion map. And for uniform that is worn-out and not reusable, you can recycle it at a textile bank.