#LeedsFashionFutures interview with Dr Mark Sumner

Throughout this year we’ve been exploring how we can work together as a city to reduce the negative environmental impacts of our clothing choices.

In April this year we hosted an online Zero Waste Fashion Week, and we have also developed a Zero Waste Fashion website with tips on where to recycle, reuse, repair and upcycle clothing and textiles in Leeds, including a map of all the textile banks, charity shops, repair shops, sewing classes and clothes exchanges in Leeds.

You can watch a series of interviews with local designers who are exploring how to be more sustainable on our YouTube channel.

We’ve recently launched an exciting new project, working alongside The RSA to explore what we can do as a city to minimise the negative impacts of our clothing choices. We’ll be exploring a range of themes, including what influences our choices around clothing, how we buy our clothes, how we look after them, and how we dispose of them.

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