Could you set up a scheme?

There are lots of uniform exchanges across the city but there are still gaps.  If you are interested in setting one up we have two guides that will help.

There are two tried and tested ways of setting up a uniform exchange which are 1) Use a Facebook or Whatsapp group and 2) School or community exchange

Facebook or Whatsapp Group

This is the easiest option as it relies on people to organise themselves, all you have to do is set up the page and invite people to start exchanging!  This is a great example and was set up by a parent at the school.  

Our guide will help you with everything from setting up the page, to promoting it and how to encourage the best exchanges.


School or Community Exchange

If you are a school or community group this is the guide for you.  There are lots of ways to run a scheme like this and lots of different examples across Leeds.

Our guide covers all the practical considerations you would need to take into account before you start.  It includes tips and advice on how to launch and run an exchange including things like managing donations and dealing with waste.


We have also set up a network of people running exchanges across the city so that you can all support each other, ask questions, share your experiences and maybe also share uniform so that we make sure it gets to the people who need it.  If you run an exchange you can register here to start connecting with people.

Facebook or WhatsApp group guide

School or Community Exchange Guide