What is Leeds School Uniform Exchange?

Good quality school uniform is going to waste when it could be shared. Leeds School Uniform Exchange makes it easy for families to pass on good quality school uniform that’s no longer needed and, instead of buying new, find items of school uniform, for free! We also support people to start exchanging by setting up uniform sharing schemes at schools, online or in neighbourhoods across Leeds. 

Make a start

Find school uniform

Find out who's sharing school uniform near where you live.

Donate school uniform

Find out where you can pass on school uniform you no longer need.

Set up a uniform exchange

Do you fancy helping people near you to share school uniform?

Why do we need Leeds School Uniform Exchange?

tonnes of clothes end up in Leeds' black bins every year. School uniforms are contributing to this problem.


CO2e could be saved if every new school starter in Leeds this year had just one second-hand school shirt or blouse.


of water to make a T shirt - that's enough drinking water for one person for three years!


 is the average amount spent on school uniform items each year.

What People say

'Absolutely love this idea. I could never understand why uniforms weren't reused as they're often worn for so little time with the rate kids grow.'


'Fantastic project, could do with them all over the UK.' 


'Not got a problem at all with second hand.  Brilliant campaign!'